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Mr. Shipley's relevant experience includes:

  • Defending a manufacturer of cement-based building materials in claims related to the use of its products at construction projects nationwide.

  • Representing a national waste transporter at multi-party landfill sites, including the negotiation of cleanup requirements with federal and state regulators, the allocation of liability for cleanup costs, and the performance of environmental remediation and monitoring.

  • Pursuing cost recovery litigation under CERCLA for the costs of removing PCB-contaminated soil at a facility that repaired and sold electrical transformers.

  • Defending toxic tort claims arising from alleged contamination of air and groundwater.

  • Advising clients regarding land use decisions for contaminated properties and the contractual allocation of environmental liabilities.

  • Defending executive compensation disputes arising from bank mergers.

  • Defending claims related to alleged fraudulent inducement of jet aircraft leases.

  • Representing clients in commercial lease disputes.

  • Representing clients in disputes under confidentiality and non-competition agreements.

  • Defending a manufacturer of Exterior Insulation and Finish Systems (“EIFS”) against product liability claims asserted in class actions and individual lawsuits.

  • Defending a window manufacturer against class action claims of alleged product defects.

  • Defending product manufacturers against claims arising from alleged asbestos exposure.

  • Drafting and negotiating manufacturing, distribution, confidentiality, and other commercial agreements.